February 5-22, 2020   -  Fusion Art’s annual group exhibition at Artize Gallery in Palm Springs, California, USA.

February 7-13, 2020     -  Solo exhibition at  the Fuji Photo Gallery Ginza in Tokyo, Japan.

End of October  2020  -  Permanent solo gallery to open in Moscow, Russia.


November 2019  -  Fusion Art’s “5th Annual Leaves & Petals” Art Exhibition (USA).

December 2019  -  Fusion Art’s “8th Artist Spotlight” Solo Art Exhibition (USA).


April 2020  -  Photos published in Art & Literature Journal ArtAscent, Volume 42 “Grey,”  pages 28-31 (Canada).

July 2020   -   Photo published in Burningword Literary Journal, issue 95, p. 24 (USA).

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