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    I have been fascinated with the Japanese traditional culture since my youth. I studied it academically, first in Russia, where I was born and spent the first half of my life, and later in Japan where I have lived permanently for 18 years. I earned my Ph.D. in pre-modern Japanese history and published a number of academic articles and a monograph in the field. I also became a teacher of Japanese swordsmanship, Kendo.

    Decades-long research and training have put me deeply in touch with the vast spiritual heritage that evolved both in Japan and other Asian countries in a span of over 2,000 years. This ancient culture was concerned mainly with the pursuit of the ideal state and balance of the body and mind, as well as a more fundamental theme of our connection with Nature and our place in the infinite Universe. All this has been largely forgotten with the advent of modern civilization. However, it has never been more necessary than now in the world where money and technology have acquired an unspoken status of religion. Recognizing that truth is what inspires my photography.

    My photography is not about capturing Japan’s historical objects or Nature, however beautiful they might look. It is aimed at visualizing and reconnecting with the spirituality of ancient cultures that, although often lacking in our daily lives, are still accessible if we keep our hearts and minds open. I hope my images will serve as landmarks to this rich and meaningful heritage.

Contact email:  anton@anshin.art

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